3 Ways Someone Can Be Bonded Out Of Jail

If you have a friend or loved one that has found themselves in some legal trouble and inside of a jail cell, you may be interested in how they can be bonded out of jail until they have to appear in court for their case. Here are three ways someone can be released from jail before they appear in court, if a bond has been allowed:

Released On Their Own Recognizance

This means that the judge has stated that the defendant is allowed to leave jail and return home without having to pay any cash for the bond. This courtesy is generally reserved for defendants that are first-time offenders, have a good standing within the community, and are not deemed to be a flight risk. Of course, this is always at the discretion of the judge overseeing the case. The judge may ask that there be a responsible adult who can sign papers stating that the defendant will be staying with them, especially if he or she does not currently have a permanent address of their own.

The Bond Can Be Personally Paid In Full With Cash

Once a bond amount is set, it need to be paid in full in order to have your friend or family member released. One option to do this is to take the total amount due to the court or the jail, depending on how your local authorities handle the processing of this type of payment. You will receive documentation that you have paid the bond in full and in cash. The defendant will then be processed to leave the jail and will be home later that day or the following day, depending on when the papers are completely processed.

You Can Receive Bail Bond Help From A Bondsman

Visiting a bail bondsman will usually mean that you only need a small percentage of the total bond amount. The bail bondsman will cover the rest. If the difference between what you have in hand and what the bail bondsman will need to pay is significant, you may be required to provide property as collateral. Such property can include vehicles or your home. Once the court proceedings are done and you are released from the obligation of the bond, you will no longer have your property at risk for repossession.

With those three methods in mind, you should be able to find a way for your friend or loved one to return home until they have to go to court. Click here for more info on court bail bonds.