Four Ways To Conduct Banking In Off-Hours

Banking has taken on a lot of new approaches. Gone are the days when you could only go to the bank during banking hours, and if you could not get off from work during the day to go to the bank, you were stuck not getting the money you needed. Instead, you can now do your banking in off-hours in a variety of surprising and convenient ways. 

Through Your Bank's App

​If you have a smartphone, you can bank through your bank's app. You will have to download and install the app, but banking apps are typically free anyway. You can not only keep track of your bank funds and balances, but you can also send money, transfer money, and remotely deposit checks. It only takes a few seconds to snap a picture of the front and back of your paycheck (if you do not do direct deposit) and upload those photos to your bank's system. Within minutes the money is available for your to pay bills and make purchases. 

Video Banking

​Video banking is a curious new way to bank. Instead of walking into the bank to talk to a teller, you walk into a securely locked area where there is a machine that resembles an ATM. The touchscreen allows you to talk with either a real teller working from a remote location or a virtual teller with an animated avatar. Almost all transactions are available to you, and you only need your bank card or a virtual bank card QR code to open your accounts at the video banking window. 

​ATM Banking with Enhanced Features

​ATM banking has not changed much, but it does have a few extra features. Some of these features include the purchase and dispensing of postage stamps, transferring money into checking or savings accounts that do not belong to you, and transferring money/cash advances from credit cards into your accounts using your credit cards at the ATM. Facial recognition and fingerprint recognition are now in use at ATMs as well in order to discourage thefts and make accounts more secure. 

24-Hour Banking by Phone

​Any and all transactions handled by a teller during regular business hours may also be handled by twenty-four-hour bank tellers-by-phone. This is rather convenient for anyone that has to travel to other time zones and cannot conduct banking at a time or place more convenient to their travels. The lines are always secure, and never outsourced to foreign countries.