What To Do If You Have One Year To Prepare To Buy Your Dream House

Whether your dream home is the home that you grew up in or a house that is sitting on your favorite block, you often do not have much time to prepare upon finding out that your favorite home is going onto the market. If you hear about the fact that your dream home will be hitting the marketing soon, you may have upwards of a year to prepare. Whether you are just hearing rumors that the home you want will be on the market or if you just want to be prepared just in case, here are some things that you should do to get ready to buy.

Start saving every spare dollar

When you have around 365 days to save, now is the time to go nuclear. Cut out anything that is unnecessary, including impulse purchases at the grocery store. Look around your home for things that you do not need and list them for sale. Volunteer for every single overtime shift and cash out your vacation time instead of using it. Let family and friends know that you are saving for a home so that they offer you gifts that can help with the purchase of the new home instead of products as gifts. If your friends and family give you gifts, be sure to document this in case your mortgage company offers you money later. 

Get professional help with your credit

If you are pressed for time, it can be better to get a credit company to help with repairing your credit. Even if you only have a few negative marks, increasing your credit score can decrease your mortgage rate. It will also decrease your own anxiety to put the job of any credit repair in the hands of a professional firm instead of fielding calls on your own. Make sure that your credit repair professionals know the amount that you can afford ahead of time of making any settlement deals for you. 

Apply for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage an looking at your savings are the only way to know the price of a home that you can afford. When the home officially hits the market or is accepting offers, you should apply for a mortgage. This gives you time to raise your income during that year and increase the tentative amount that you have been approved for. After the application, you will know the top offer that you can put down, or raise more money in order to get the home you love.  

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